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  Dr. João Breda

Dr Breda works in the Division of Noncommunicable Diseases and Life-course at WHO/Europe. He provides support to the 53 Member States in the WHO European Region on the implementation of the European Charter on Counteracting Obesity and evaluates their progress. His team is responsible for the world’s largest and most comprehensive surveillance mechanism for childhood obesity. Before joining WHO he was the Portuguese focal point to WHO/Europe for nutrition and physical activity, and the High Level Group on Nutrition and Physical Activity and the European Platform on Diet, Nutrition and Physical Activity of the European Union (EU).

Dr. Adrian Hutber

Dr. Adrian Hutber was appointed Vice President of Exercise is Medicine at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in 2008, after serving as the vice president of a fitness corporation and as the Director of the Distance Education Division of the world’s largest physical activity publisher, Human Kinetics. Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) is the multi organizational, multinational initiative co-founded by the American Medical Association and ACSM – and subsequently coordinated by ACSM – to integrate the scientifically proven benefits of physical activity to prevent and treat chronic disease into the world’s health care systems. Dr. Hutber has numerous publications in physiology and sports medicine scientific journals, has authored the Pre-Exercise Health Screening course (Human Kinetics, 2001), is a Board member of the National Advisory Council for Cancer and Exercise in the USA, and continues to serve as a reviewer for scientific journals, including the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

 prof. Dr. Anita Hökelmann

Prof. Anita Hökelmann is professor at the Otto-von-Guericke Universität in Magdeburg, Germany. She has 25 years of leadership experience in Ph.D. level curricula in Sport Science, Movement Science, Performance Analysis of Sport and research projects coordination in Germany and Arabic Countries. Prof. Hökelmann is recognised inetrnationally for her work in Performance Analysis in Sport, Modern Rhytmic Gymnastics and research in active healthy aging in dance. Over 200 articles and seminars in the Europe and US, Canada, Arabic states focusing on health-related physical fitness, Intervention physical health programs and changes in physical activity among specific population groups, Elderly were published by professor Hökelmann.

  prof. Dr. Václav Bunc, Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. Václav Bunc, Ph.D. - born 19.9.1947 -  graduated from Technical University Prague 1970, applied physics, PhD earned from Technical University Prague in Applied Physics, Ass.Prof. 1993, Prof. 1998 – both in the Exercise Physiology from Charles University Prague

Main topics: application of mathematical methods and models in PE and sport, using of biocybernetics by evaluation of physical fitness, exercise physiology, obesity reduction, functional and physical testing in laboratory and field, body composition, BIA methods, moving regimes for prevention in cardiac and obese patients.

Publications: first author more than 400 items in scientific Journals, more than 150 abroad, practically the same number of publications as co-author. Referee of scientific papers with topics of physical fitness, exercise physiology and obesity. He is member of Czech and International scientific societies, head of many research projects, author of great numbers of research reports.

 doc. PaedDr. Emanuel Hurych, Ph.D.

Emanuel Hurych is an associate professor at the Faculty of Sport Studies of Masaryk University in Brno. His research is primarily focused on the philosophy of sport, he is a member of the executive committee of the European Association for the Philosophy of Sport, member of the British Philosophy of Sport Association, the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport and some other international societies orientated towards social studies in sport. He brought some investigations of spiritual health within the philosophical and sociological discourses. He is the main author of the book Spirituality of Movement Activities (2013) and he has been developing a concept of the secularized spirituality of movement. His publications are devoted to the phenomenon of competition, authenticity in sport and spirituality of human movement. He is an active runner and a specific part of his work is devoted to running in the ontological, ethic and aesthetic perspectives.

 ass. prof. Aleksandar Ignjatovic

Aleksandar Ignjatovic is an associate professor at the Faculty of Education in Jagodina, University of Kragujevac. His research is primarily focused on the Physical Education classes, Education and Health, and Resistance training. He have been a Vice dean for research in Faculty of Education (2012-2014). Currently he is a head of several national scientific projects, author of books, monographs and international journal articles. Member of several organizations: FIEP, AIESEP, ECSS, ACSM etc. During last few years he has been teaching abroad in Greece, Portugal, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

  prof. Damir Knjaz, Ph.D.

Damir Knjaz is the Dean at the Faculty of Kinesiology University of Zagreb with 19 years of teaching experience in Ph.D. level curricula in Kinesiology (Basketball) and research projects coordination in Croatia. Is recognised both internationally and locally for his work in planning and programming in basketball training, motor learning and performance, coaching science, for adapting and introducing the “Mini Basketball” programme in elementary schools in Croatia as well as for promoting and educating on the importance of physical exercise and healthy eating and living. Damir Knjaz is member of the International Ski Instructors Association, the National Paralympic Committee and the Board of Directors of the Foundation Paralympian, the International Committee of NABC and an external member of the Research Committee of NABC, a representative of Croatia at FIBA’s Youth Commission.

 prof. dr. Matthieu Lenoir

Matthieu Lenoir is professor at the Department of Movement and Sports Sciences of the Ghent University. His research team “Motor Control” focuses on motor competence in children and adolescents, ranging from clinical populations like children with Developmental Coordination Disorder or obesity to talented athletes. A second research line focuses on the mechanisms of visual information uptake, a process that underlies expert decision making in various situations like team sports or traffic.

 Brian R.G. Minikin B.Phys Ed (Hons), M.Sc.

Brian Minikin is a Lecturer in sport management at the University of Stirling, Scotland. He is an expert in event management and the management of sport organisations. His research focuses on the readiness of sports organisations to undertake specific initiatives and actions, which requires an understanding of the capabilities and resources available the organization. As part of this programme of research he developed the Readiness Assessment Tool, promoted by the International Olympic Committee that underpins the strategic development of sport organisations globally. Prior to becoming an academic, Brian worked for the Oceania National Olympic Committee for many years, responsible for sport development in the specific. Therefore he brings a practical and applied aspect to his academic work.

Assoc. Prof Piotr Oleśniewicz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University School of Physical Education in Wrocław; Vice-Director of the Institute of Tourism and Recreation, Head of the Chair of Tourism and the Department of Sociocultural Foundations for Tourism. Associate Professor at the WSB University, Institute of Tourism and Recreation. Chancellor’s Proxy for strategy and development at the Humanitas University in Sosnowiec. Founder of the European Foundation for Gifted Children and of the Foundation of the Scientific and Research Institute ‘Didascalos’. Earlier, Vice-Rector at the Collegium Glacense University in Nowa Ruda, Vice-Rector at the College of Management ‘Edukacja’ in Wrocław. Research interests: senior tourism, educational tourism, physical activity.

 prof. Dr. Rado Pišot

He was one of the initiators of University of Primorska and the first dean of Faculty og Education in Koper. He is the founding father of institute for Kinesiology research (IKARUS) which is operating within the Science and Research Centre of the University of Primorska (UP ZRS) and has its laboratory at the Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital. He is also a member of Science council in Science and research centre, University of Primorska and a member of Senate at University of Primorska. For his science work he was awarded with reward of UP; Science and Research Centre »Glasnik znanosti« (Promoter of Science), with award of the University of Primorska »Zlata plaketa« and the award of Economy of Primorska »Primorski um 2007« (for transfer the science to economy). In December 2007, he became vice rector for science and research at the University of Primorska. In 2009 he was appointed as a full professor and research councillor at the University of Primorska.