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In 2009, the Faculty was relocated into the new buildings of Bohunice University Campus. All parts of the Faculty including the Dean´s office and Office for Studies together with seven existing departments can now be found at one place. For the purpose of practical courses there are modern facilities such as a ball games hall, combative sports hall, gymnastics hall, multifunctional gym, fitness centre and various lecture halls for teaching theoretical courses. All of them can also be used by the public. Courses for which there are no facilities in the campus (e.g. swimming or athletics) are taught elsewhere in Brno.  

One of the greatest University achievements of recent years was the construction of the new Masaryk University Campus. Construction works commenced in 2004, and the Campus was officially opened in 2010. This year therefore concluded the major period of the Campus construction; however, in the following years, it was expanded with new departments of three research projects.

The University Campus in Bohunice was constructed with the budget of EUR 183M, and is spread over the area of 42,200 m2. The additional projects amounted to a total of EUR 83M. Recently completed projects bring the overall campus area to a total of 70,000 m2. The whole Campus provides high-quality and modern background for approximately 5,000 students and 1,500 employees.


Conference coffee breaks will be held at: Na Lávce Café

This modern café offers a view of the University Campus and Brno surroundings. It is located in the are of the University Campus, Kamenice 5, Brno Bohunice, building A10, 2nd NP (a covered footbridge) - find on the map.